A Simple Way to Clean Your Walls and Microwave Oven


Splatters on the Wall or in the Microwave?

Make Clean-up Easier Using this Simple Household Trick


Over-using the oven, stove and microwave during the Holidays, might leave evidence of our food festivities behind on the walls of our kitchen and appliances.

Here is a simple technique I use to speed-up the wiping away of left-over uglies from kitchen surfaces: STEAM.

For the Walls

Simply, simmer about a quart of water in a 2 qt pot.  Simmer the water on low heat, to produce steam for about 30 minutes to an hour.  (If you’d like to boil some food in that water while you’re at it, that is up to you.)

What we want is the steam to build up on the walls and ceiling a bit, to create condensation.  You’ll see it start to form.120 x 600 Oransi Branding Banner

This makes the dirt or food loosen its grip from the surface, and can be wiped away with ease. If there’s a lot of grease build up or old splatters on the wall from the Halloween party, you might try using a little elbow grease or a chemical spray cleaner to help you remove it.

I like to boil a pot of meat for stew or beans for dinner and then, wipe down the walls as it’s cooking and steaming up the kitchen.

The same can be done for the bathroom walls, after a shower.  Although, many times, we rarely want to wipe down walls when exiting the shower.  Still, this application of steam helps to loosen dirt and smears from the walls easier than, with water alone.

I have cleaners and sprays when I need them.  However, I prefer to focus on accomplishing my household tasks without adding more chemicals to the air and water tables.  As, everything we run down the drain, has to be recycled and cleaned again, for our consumption.  I try not to think about all the mop buckets of chemical-filled water being dumped in our drains everyday.  Instead, I continue to do my part in saving our water.

Remember: Condensation left in the house and on window sills, can cause mold and mildew to begin to grow.  Be sure and wipe everything down, and remove all the moisture from the walls.

Sometimes, I boil water to create steam for breathing assistance. Once I have my breathing back to normal, I go ahead and wipe down the walls while they’re damp.

Wiping off condensation, and keeping my walls clean.

For the Microwavemicrowave, oven, cooker

Place 1 Cup of water in the microwave, in a safe container.  Heat it on full power for about 2 minutes to get the water close to boiling.  We don’t need the boil, we want the steam after the water has been heated.

Once the microwave stops, let the cup of water sit in the microwave for 5 minutes.  After that, remove the cup of water and the glass plate or parts from the oven, and wipe it down.

All the food deposits and grease, wipe off with much greater ease.  Wash the tray and put it back in the microwave.  You have a clean microwave in about 10-15 minutes… without chemicals and without scrubbing.

Is Mold Causing Your Asthma

My Mold Detective


Cannabidiol Reduces Epilepsy in Children by 40-50%

Charolettes-Web-cannabis-epilepsy-Matt Figi-Charlotte-Figi
Charolette’s Web, Matt and Charlotte Figi

Cannabidiol Reduces Epilepsy in 100% of the Children Tested by an Astounding 40-50%

CBS Morning News reported that Cannabidiol (CBD) was given to over one hundred (100) children who are experiencing massive or chronic seizures and the results were an amazing 40-50% immediate reduction in epileptic seizures in 100% of the children.

This is an amazing breakthrough for the scientific studies of how effective Cannabidiol (CBD) is to our health system particularly, the nervous system.

Checking the Math:  Of course this leads us to ask the next, obvious question.  How does this affect us in reverse?  Does the lack of Cannabidiol (CBD) supplied to our Endocannabinoid system as part of our nutrition, cause Epilepsy and nervous system disorders?

CTU - Grow Big Buds


12 Eyebrow-Raising Issues

eClincher Inc.

12 Eyebrow-Raising Issues that Have Become a Part of Life

Many of these practices remain as a constant in the lives of so many people who fear there’s nothing we can do about it.

After the worst Presidential Election of all time, I came up with a few things we have to accept in America, as part of life.  I’m sure there are plenty more things we dislike to be found, but here are the twelve that popped into mind with ease.  They’re not in any particular order.

Seeing the cars lined-up in the city for a Thanksgiving turkey for the holiday cooking, to no avail, I’ve added Hunger, to the list.

Blessings to all the nations on the Earth.  May Peace prevail.

Tears for the hungry, cold and homeless.  But there’s more that we can do besides, complain and accepting a fate of lack and despair.

The United States Constitution
  1.  Child Abuse
  2.  Politicians Lie (A sad fact of life)
  3.  Voting for the, “Lesser of Two Evils” (Has practically turned into a campaign slogan)
  4.  Misuse and fraudulent allegation of funds raised by taxes and/or donation
  5.  Taxation without representation (see the Constitution)
  6.  Bullying of the people by those in authority
  7.  Deadly Western medicine
  8.  Insurance
  9.  Poisonous and/or dangerous foods in the grocery store
  10.  Unhealthy drinking water
  11.  Fluoride
  12.  Sexual Predators in the Clergy

…and Hunger

We might not be able to change everything, all at once.  Things didn’t get this way, in one day.  We start right where were are.

Purple-Flourite-Crystal-bulletGive food, hand-me-down clothing or any extra, usable items for the house or home to a needy family or someone you know is less fortunate.

Purple-Flourite-Crystal-bulletJoin a local group or representation of a matter of concern.  If there’s not one in your area to join, consider starting one yourself.  Some charitable organizations are happy to extend their names and franchise with others.

Purple-Flourite-Crystal-bulletWrite to government officials and express your concern.  Give positive suggestions if you have any.



Love Occupied by Fear

 man, person, star

When Fear is in the Seat of Love


Subtle Violent Undertones

“The lesson being: I Don’t take sh*t from anyone.”  Was a popular post that I recently read on Facebook that made me think, hmm…

I began to recall childhood memories of learning about fighting.  It was okay to defend yourself, but never be a bully.  Help the underdog when and if you  can and stick together.

Nobody likes to fight anything.  But, we are subjected to it either directly or indirectly almost all our waking hours.

Fight Cancer – Fight Hunger – The Politicians are fighting
Discontentment is on every continent, if not battle and outrage.



Not even the animals like confrontation.

We fight to protect ourselves or to get our way, but that way, isn’t our true nature.  Animals fight for breeding rights and to claim or protect their territory.

However, the engagements are brief, though sometimes, deadly.

After that, the fighting for status, comes to an end.  Apart from the occasional Alpha-challengers, there are no animal feuds or ongoing animal wars, that I know of…

The only thing that can replace Love in its seat is, Fear and the only thing that can oppose sensuality is, hate.

 ram, sheepdog, standoffAs for the Body itself, confrontation makes us extremely tense, stressed, ill, shaky, emotionally unstable, raises our blood pressure, you name it… Our body doesn’t like it.

We have to build up padding both energetically, in our ethereal body, and physically in our human body, to combat stress.

That becomes the truly dangerous fight for our health.  Since health is our wealth, everything in life begins to fall apart, due to stress.  The number one, silent killer.

We can start reversing the affects of tension, by reversing the application of our Will.

  1. T
    ry being more active and less, reactive.
  2. Don’t be “anti” anything.  Be pro-active in all your efforts.

Instead of fighting hunger, feed the hungry.  Instead of fighting politicians, initiate change.  Instead of anti-war, be pro-peace.


Muladhara – RED – Passion

Pardon the expression but, I equate the two, this way:  We’re either making love or making war ~ there’s not much in between. Both acts, being base or root Chakra energies, called Muladhara.
Both, Love and Fear, release the same energies of passion and climax.  If we are not taking care of our children-of-edensexual needs, then we begin to fuss and fight, even about the small stuff.

As children, we tend to fight for our way beginning very early on, in our infant days.

When it comes down to the bottom line, one of the two, are the driving forces we’re experiencing.  Either Love or Fear is in operation in our lives, even on a smaller scale.

Everything we do, has a motivational force behind it.  There are only two driving forces.  If it’s not Love, it’s Fear; There’s nothing else.

All good deeds can be traced back to Love and all “bad” things can be traced back to Fear but, all things are good for us.
“Even Pharaoh, does my Will” saith, the Lord. 😉



Broken Tree


Broken from the Storm: the Family Tree

Artificial-Christmas-TreeI wish things were different.

I think of you.
You’re on my mind, today.

I wish things were different but,
what can I say?

You’re thinking of me,
I’m thinking of you.

tree, log, tribe



We spend time together, in thoughtful energy.
Watt else can we do?

Yep, life is the same.
No one is to blame.

I just miss talking with you.
Wish things were the same, as they used to be.

When you were close to me.


A Broken Tree, My Family

They sense me but, they must move on.
And I do the same.cabin, snow, christmas

All Beings must live their lives, there is no sense in shame.

When a family can’t get along:
Too much water under the bridge.  – Same song.

We are forced to let go,
and move along.

Maybe, this is how it’s meant to be.


Sooner or later, those paths meet again.

hirsch, tree, forest

How you react when they do,
is up to you, my friend.

Freedom in Forgiveness

Holding grudges against someone, keeps them locked in yOur chains of unforgiveness.

The moment we release them,  we are free.

leaf, web, black white

Maybe yOur relationship will circle back, again.

In a better way next season because, it never ends.

Still, the circumstances are not the same, as before.

We don’t look back.

There is no way to reclaim that, which has been.

Sow… you’re seeds

We remake, remodel and rebuild, again.

  • That’s IT. “Stay thirsty my friend!” XX

Wishing the Very Best

this Holiday Season,

to You and Yours

~ the Stylings of Donna

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Being too close, we may struggle for life.

We are not apart, but a part of, one another

If we are not separated enough, we can become root-bound within our family’s structure, ideas and ways of thinking.  The way we think, is the way we create our worlds and daily living experiences.

If the forest is too thick, the trees compete for light and nutrients from the soil.  But, trees grow into enormous sizes and live for thousands of years on their own!  Remaining attached to one another and communicating through, their root system.

Did you know, that trees keep each other alive?  All trees; even the ones chopped-down, are kept alive, underground.
Through their global root system which, gives life.

Some trees need more room to grow than others and must be planted further apart in order to flourish.  Each then receiving adequate sunlight while, covering its own, ground below.  Feeding all the others, whom might dwell there, also.

trees, tall, woods


Nutty for Walnuts

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 Start Crackin’


Favorite Walnut Recipes for the Holidays

More than just delicious – They’re nutritious

Anova Sous Vide Bluetooth Precision Cooker

As I reached for a bag of shelled walnuts from the fridge this morning and popped a few in my mouth, I turned-up the heat a bit in the house and suddenly had the realization of the time that is upon us.  It’s time to cook – and eat! 

It’s time to make pie crusts with walnuts, and walnut pies, Ambrosia fruit salads and walnut turkey or just plain, sitting around the fire, eating shelled walnuts with a cup of hot, pumpkin-flavored coffee is awesome and brings in the cozy holiday feel of November.

But, there’s so much more to the nuts, berries and fruits we eat, in the winter.  I just love to share about how valuable they are to us as nutrition.walnuts-brain-food

Walnuts aren’t just a tasty, favorite ingredient for our food and desserts but, also very beneficial to our brain and immune system.

Walnuts:  The Brain Food

  • Loaded with Immune builders and Omega-3 Fatty Acids

  • Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Oxidant protects against Type 2 Diabetes

  • Excellent source of Vitamin E to help prevent Heart problems

I love to talk about the Winter season, foods, entertaining and dining.  Along with all the other fun, Holiday stuff (stuffing) for the SEASON .

SEASON-ings, that is!

As we begin to smell the smell of seasonings such as, Allspice and Cinnamon start to fill the house, with Aromatherapy.  Feel good about knowing all the yummy things you’re feeding your family has awesome health benefits in the mix.


Households start baking their annual pumpkin pies, sweet potatoes and of course, the turkey for a festive, tomorrow’s Thanksgiving dinner.

To date, Thanksgiving is still, one of America’s most love-hate, holiday relationships, (or a close runner-up) for controversy and confusion surrounding its origins and celebration of a Thankful Heart.

None-the-less, most American’s will be baking and spending time sharing a holiday feast with family and friends.  After a sentence like that, who, is still hungry?  –  We are! ^_^

Happy Thanksgiving!


Moon Daily 21

I love this week. 😀 We are still in the BLUE week on the True calendar of planetary rotations around the Stars from which we came.

Stonehenge with a Full Moon

••••  Self-Existing Owl Moon of Form

OCT 18 – NOV 14, 2016  “What is the form my service will take?”

Day 21

While we’re in the BLUE, we are voicing now, that which was purified in our Hearts, last week (WHITE).
While, next week YELLOW, brings manifestation.  ^_^  We still have a couple of days left for planning and voicing our desires.  Projecting in sound, what (watt) was purified last week.
Then, once again, with the Full Moon comes the outpouring of our abundant supply, from the Universe starting the fourth week.  Sometimes watching the old crumble simultaneously.  In order for the new to take form.  Releasing attachment to the way it takes form allows liberty and freedom of imagination and growth of our dreams.
Red, White, Blue, Yellow
Red, White, Blue, Yellow

Happy Silio!


Seven Main Chakras

Today, Silio, which is White, is influenced by the color Blue and the Element of Air (Wind).  Into our Solar Plexus, we breathe abundance into our imaginative dreams.  Standing by to watch how the dreams take form.  Silio’s energy corresponds to the radial plasmas (days) contained within our Heart Chakra. 

Seven Radial Plasmas (Days of the Week)

Corresponding to the seven major Chakras of the Body:  the Electrical Life Force of the Cosmos.




“This is Just the TIP of the Ice Berg.”


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Moon Daily 20

I love this week. 😀 We are still in the BLUE week on the True calendar of planetary rotations around the Stars from which we came.

Stonehenge with a Full Moon

••••  Self-Existing Owl Moon of Form

OCT 18 – NOV 14, 2016  “What is the form my service will take?”

Day 20

While we’re in the BLUE, we are voicing now, that which was purified in our Hearts, last week (WHITE).
While, next week YELLOW, brings manifestation.  ^_^  We still have a couple of days left for planning and voicing our desires.  Projecting in sound, what (watt) was purified last week.
Then, once again, with the Full Moon comes the outpouring of our abundant supply, from the Universe.
Red, White, Blue, Yellow
Red, White, Blue, Yellow

Happy Limi!

Seven Main Chakras


Passion in the Solar Plexus

Today, Limi, which is Red, is influenced by the color White and the Element of Air (Wind).  Into our Solar Plexus, breath, which corresponds to the radial plasma (day) contained within our Chakras. 

Seven Radial Plasmas (days of the week) corresponding to the seven major Chakras of the Body:  the Electrical Life Force of the Cosmos.


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Captain’s Log:
“There’s a new kind of viral communication going around.”

With everything literally at our fingertips and in the palm of our hands via web and cell phone, we know how quickly information, events and news can “go viral”.


Reaching Over a Million Views In One Night

Never before in time, has a local or small business had the opportunity to reach as many potential customers as they can today, through social posting. Even the big guys like the Washington Post, New York Times, Hollywood and Mainstream Broadcasters are going places they’ve never gone before.

They are making full use of social media platforms like, Facebook and Twitter (no pun intended). Not to mention, the political slings and slangs we watch flying across keyboards and social hang-outs.

Cyber-land is where most of the population, lives. We shop here, we get our food delivered [from] here, we keep up with our friends and family here, we create and we share our businesses, our talents and of course, our merchandise. Product marketing has always been the number one, but never has there been an opportunity like this, to easily and affordably place your business in front of millions of customers 24-hours a day.

To the small company or business owner, having an extra 45K views per week can make some pretty chunky change in their bottom line. I’ve seen companies increase sales by 20-22% in their first month, after implementing their marketing plan through social media. I’ve yet to be a part of a company start-up who ships products, but if they did, I know that eBay and Amazon have the stats to show the multi-billion dollar sales in products sold online each day.

2016 Marketing Analytics Show the Advertising Dollar Has Made the Switch

With a projected near 38% more money being spent in 2017 on internet advertising than, on television ads. Even television programming itself, has made online streaming available to their viewers. Let’s face it or should I say, Let’s Facebook IT? … If you’re not on the internet, especially mobile and social-friendly, you may be going nowhere, fast. Producing millions of search results in fractions of a second, even Yellow Pages needs the internet to provide customers their directory.

“Okay, Google”

We tell our stories and share our hobbies across the worlds, with a few voice commands and a click or too. Being part of the click has never been so important as it is in today’s world of technology. The transition from the television capture of the 1950’s to the iPhones and Androids, is nearly complete. Even the most frigid-of-joining social media, are becoming part of the www Network, and taking advantage of the opportunities it could bring.



Automotive Overview


Automotive Overview

If you suspect you have a tire or suspension problem, we will identify the problem and deliver the solution. We offer quality services for your vehicle, from routine maintenance to major parts replacement and repairs. We offer supreme service and quality maintenance on all car suspension & steering, struts, springs and car shocks.

There’s much more to the handling and performance of a vehicle than the tires alone can provide. This is why we recommend regular inspections of all components of your car’s performance and not just the tires. Doing so can mean a great deal of savings to you in car repairs, later on down the road. Our services include a thorough inspection of your vehicle for worn out or damaged car shocks & struts.

Dented, damaged or leaking casing or bearings should be replaced. Generally, age and wear are the main reasons for shock absorber or struts breaking down or needing replacement. Because car shocks wear out differently per vehicle and usage, it’s not as simple as recommending a replacement of your shocks at a certain number of miles, like we do for our oil and spark plugs. Having proper functioning shock absorbers means a smoother and safer ride, better stopping and starting performance and road handling with proper weight distribution of the car while driving and curving. We will inspect and replace your shock absorbers to maintain your car’s high performance standards.

Sometimes it is the springs and not the shock absorbers that are worn, dry or cracked due to leaks, age or wear and can also cause your car to bounce down the road or at stops. All springs are inspected, lubricated and checked for safety and proper functioning or replaced if needed. Whatever the problem is, we will identify it for you. Regular upkeep ensures less car repairs and damage to the vehicles, which saves us money in the long run. It’s always better to hear that our cars are running safe and smoothly down the road, than to have to deal with car repairs at an inconvenient time in our lives.

Suspension maintenance is also very important but sometimes over-looked. Our driving suspensions can become worn for many different reasons. We will test your vehicle for the cause and have it repaired or parts replaced, and you safely back on the road in a timely manner and with quality assurance. Tires and balancing are generally the culprits for aggravating vibrations, noise and pulling at the steering wheel. Our qualified mechanics identify anything that needs to be done for better road performance and safety during an inspection of your car’s suspension.

We place a high value on our vehicles and safe driving. Let us help you stay safe on the road, while getting maximum performance out of your vehicle.