“Every day is a good day, no matter what we decide to do with it.”


This is Donna with an invitation for you to join us in our new (knew) exploration of old Wisdom that has come to light, once again. Besides the norm, I’d like to dedicate some time to our Spiritual realms. Our world; the place where we actually live.

Of course, we must all-ways take care of business first. One of the most important assets to my business is me. If I call in sick to work … well, I’m the owner, so if I don’t work, I don’t get paid.

Following the rule of “Always move to the innermost points before projecting.”

As we continue to swim with the sharks, we’ll also learn to navigate these deeper waters we’re now submerged in.

A major part of our business success and success with others in communications, romance or otherwise, is first making sure that we are in balanced order. We can hardly balance a check book if we remain on a teeter-totter, going up and down.

Sometimes, it feels like life is spinning so fast, I wonder when our drains are going to begin swirling in the opposite direction. Not that this would be a change, but the inevitable return to the original position of the planet’s poles. That is, if the Earth is not flat, again… or still…?

So, when I began to experience paranormal occurrences on a daily basis, I had to re-adjust my thinking and priorities. Being of a journalist’s mind by nature, I evaluate things after the interview. Looking through my notes, I find many incidences line-up with plenty of ancient, hidden or forbidden knowledge of the past. I’m no scholar so, this brings me to the understanding that this knowledge then, is part of my inherent, DNA structural information.

While we continue to watch the mainstream, monitor the news and hope for peace in the world, I want to add some emphasis on how we might manage some of the new stress, tension, and Chaos that is “currently” blowing our hair back.

As our site continues to morph into the 5th Dimension, we will always continue to offer exceptional Content, Editorial, and Media Services to our clients, as well as offering additional new learning tools, new topics, and informational videos for our readers and connections.

Let’s Grow Together  HEalth is WEalth Apple

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