Trust your feelings

Prostitution is selling our body. Doing something that doesn’t feel right for “survival” is selling our soul. Faith yOur Fears I need money but not enough to damage my soul for it and not from people or employers who hurt me and/or drain me energetically for it. Those are the ones you call the “Angels of light.” They come offering a solution – but to whose problem? Thought Process Making the perfect example of: “Oh, just in time! They came up with a “job”! I can make $40.00 right when I need it most!” Our reasoning mind says to take the job because I willRead More →


Natural Information Technology IT: The Intuition and Thought Process Our thoughts are going so fast that when we receive a response from our Intuition (to our question) we’ve already asked another series of questions, or played out a scenario in our minds. It’s kind of like, Intuition is one text behind on several conversations. The messages become confusing to the receiver. When you ask your intuition for information, be purposeful and intent in your questioning. Write your question down. This way, you will remember what your question was when you get the answer. Hopefully, not applying the answer to the next question you asked, orRead More →

de Manz Demons "of Man"

Raising the Vibration As the veil lifts, our vibrational beings are lifting in frequency along with it. Those who are too dense or “heavy,” “solid” or “packed,” lovers of the flesh, etc., will perish. Will not be lifted, Being heavy with the burdens, cares, and lusts of this world. Desire to stay. Energy bodies have become like a magnet to dense matter. Pulling particles toward them until forming a mass which cannot be lifted. That’s where the ideas of being “left behind” come from. A gross misuse of information for the entrapment and enslavement of mankind’s energy soul. Even if you are “left behind” it’s likeRead More →

Little Black Leather Locked Diary

Creative power unleashed, we look forward to those things we’ve never seen before. Frustrations of our Nation’s history and the amnesia of the population of the country Brings chills to my spine. So I consider, What (watt) do we do? Other than, just look back in remorse. We cannot repair the damage done. We cannot live in mourning. It’s time to heal and deal with the aftermath. Acknowledging the World as One. Leaving the bitterness behind, we cast it to the sea. Living a life Divine, Immortality.  Read More →


What Does Will Mean? It means our Free Will to do something. It is our instinctual Will to survive, grow, reproduce, and stay alive. Imagination is how we create our Will. “I Magi nation” Magic We imagine the outcome first and then, it is created according to our Will. As above, so below. (Sow below)   “What Will you… do today?” “Thy will be done” means your Will is carried out. What you desire is what (watt) Will does. That’s a gift to you, a given tool, that you can use your own Free Will. Our “Last Will and Testament” is carried out, even after weRead More →


We are the darkness which creates the light. If there were no darkness, there would be no light. Darkness cannot come out of the light. Light cannot produce darkness but from the darkness, comes the light. There was a time when man became fully aware of this fact however displeasing to those who would capture and hunt the Soul of man, my brethren. Locked up in a Rapunzel world. If it’s not Love, it’s Fear; there is nothing else. The only two moving forces which are attached to the Human Mind. The only two forces which move mankind. All emotions stem from one of the two. That’sRead More →

Child of the Universe Article growing into our natural esoteric human abilities

We are crawling around pretty good now in the way of Energy Works, Energy Healing, Magic, Miracles, and our Manifestation abilities. Are we Magic? Yes, perhaps, to the primitive mind. This question reminds me of a note that circulates on Facebook from time to time: “Ignorance is a Choice” …and Fear is still the greatest and oldest tool of Power Fear of our own Power. Fear imposed upon us, by those in power. Fear of others with Power. Especially, those who utilize and manipulate with that power. In amazement, we are like the 5-year-old, afraid of what an adult or teenager is doing in frontRead More →


Could it Be that Residents Already Occupy the Moon? It’s more difficult to stretch the imagination into believing that nobody is living on the Moon than to think that there are or might be. People of the Bible for some reason thought they could build a tower and reach Heaven. This may be what started the story of the Tower of Babylon. Separation of man so that they wouldn’t unite and collaborate to build a tower to heaven or the moon. They were convinced they could reach heaven with bricks and go to be where God is. Why would they think that? Because people live on theRead More →


Mother’s Breast Milk is Loaded with Omega-3, Proteins, Digestive Enzymes, and Even Promotes a Higher IQ Human milk is made especially for humans. It is gentle on the stomach and has the perfect nutrient rich balance that promotes brain growth and nervous system development. Breast milk contains cell and tissue building hormones that are passed on from mother to child during infant stages, through breastfeeding. These and other immunological properties are known to be beneficial to humans at any age. Almost all children were at one-time breast-fed by moms who stayed at home with their families. If a mother had to work or was unableRead More →

intuition vs intrigue

Intrigued or Guided by Intuition? Did intuition “guide you” to your home that turned out to be a money pit? Or were you intrigued when you walked in for the viewing? Was it a “sign” that you were supposed to meet this person, who turned out to be a thief? Or were you intrigued at the way this person seemed to see right through you, be familiar or somehow know you? What is intrigue and how is it confused with intuitive guidance? I recently worked with someone who was spiritually distraught and confused that the home she bought was “where she was guided to” yet,Read More →