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English “Babble” Translations

We all Know this One: Evolution

Just for fun and to make political points, we take the first four letters and emphasize it like “love” spelled backwards. EVOL = LOVE

EVOL –u-tion: Evil you shun

Backwards “LOVE”

This is just a common example of how we play with words and find different meanings within the structure or sound of a word.

English is naught a Mantra Language

In other words, (no pun intended) our syllables are close to meaningless in relation to any root language on the plan-it. Because there is no real value in our language syllables, I began to take our words a little more at face value.  A little more shallow as, the language itself is.

What I found is that our language is pretty meaningful after all. Down right informative, when its compiling is looked at a little closer and on a more shallow level.


You generally, do not see a deep-water fish in shallow waters but, the sand crabs on the shore can still tell us plenty about the ocean. That is why I find so many ironic and blatant sayings within our words that to me, I’d prefer not to give life to.

The same as with back-masking an audio tape for hidden messages, we can find hidden alternative meanings in many of our English words.

Listen to the Presidential Candidates talk backwards.

Not only do we see upside down, but we speak backwards. Technically, we are all telepathic, and do not need words to communicate. However, since we use words, they come out backwards from within our sub-conscience. This is our natural way of speaking.

When we talk, much the same as we can feel or mean one thing and say another, there are a lot of filler words in between our core communication.

This is where we get “a feeling” someone isn’t being honest with us or is hiding or withholding information.


Words with more than one meaning

“Worship” pronounced the same as “War-Ship”

With as many religious wars as this planet has seen, I took notice.

Then, there are other words that, we cannot give life to at all such as the word: “Not”

To say, “I do not want [something]” is a huge no-no. Because, eating those words will become our next supper, and course of action.

No matter how much we do not want it.
“Know matter, how much we do not want it. ” Is how our brain interprets this command.

To our brain and rules of manifestation, “not” is a void that cannot be formed. We form things from out of the void, not into a void. We cannot create the void. Therefore, whatever IT is we do not want, we all ways get plenty more of.

It’s okay, to have fun.

This teaches us to be very careful and much more precise, in our everyday speaking and sayings of things. Especially, those things we say repeatedly.

For example: “Oh, I’m so stupid.”

We all make mistakes. I like to call mine, “stoner moments”. It’s like, a piece of pepper in my cake mix. No big deal, but it doesn’t belong there.

I know I’ve given this example before and so, maybe it’s not the best visual because saying what we don’t want can have a profound impact on our manifestations. However, the piece of pepper in the cake batter isn’t too noticeable, once it’s cooked.

In comparison, it doesn’t seem the two can be measured, until there is now a DASH of pepper instead of just a speck in the mix, and then another, until the cake is ruined.

So, (sow) in our thinking and thought process, allowing the little, tiny, details to slide is like letting varmints in the house, one at a time. In a matter of days, the whole house becomes infested with pests.

Therefore, we take the tiny piece of (very noticeable) pepper out of the “batter” before we bake the cake. (As in, not to batter ourselves with degrading input.)

This is how we can arrange our Mind so that one, tiny and inappropriate word, thought or phrase, will trigger the senses alarms.

Nothing too critical. Just get it out before it ruins your cake.

You see? ^_^

Keeping the FUN in dysfunction


Sealed in a con


Fused to a “con”

Current / Currently

As in, a current of electricity or water. We are energy. The way we currently do things can be changed.

“Currency” = Current sea, current see


Means, “OF” or “FROM”


When we WANT, we continually place ourselves into a state of want. We want, therefore more “want” is created in our lives.

When we HAVE, we place the power of attraction into motion and when we DESIRE, it is formed (For-ME-d) for me in the past tense with love, and in detail  (de tale : “Of Tale” – watt came out of our mouth) by the U-n-I-Verse.

Here’s a short tale:

When I was a broke salesperson cold-calling on the business strips, I had a very meager start. Timid even to ask for the twenty dollars (that’s what insurance cost back then). So one day, my sales manager handed me a twenty dollar bill as I was walking out of the morning meeting. He knew I was a single mom and rarely carried cash. He handed me the twenty dollars and said, “Here, take this with you today.  And every time someone says, “No, they can’t afford it” then you can say –“Hey, everybody’s got a twenty… even I do.” See how that works. Sow, I did; and sow did the universal Law of Attraction.

It’s the same concept as starting off your TIP jars with a little cash in them, so people will toss in more.

I became one of Combined Insurance’s top sales people, and gave my family a pretty decent living for it, from that day on.


The Gatekeeper to all of our dreams. Almost always capitalized as, it is the only other force known besides Love, that drives mankind.

Ferry / Fairy


Fund a Mental
“For only 60 cents a day…”
Fun de Mental “Fun of the Mind” = Mind Games 😉


“Healeth” or “To Heal It”


Almost always capitalized as, the Heart is ITs own living Entity within our self. The Heart has a voice which speaks to us, and a Will to carry it out. That Will is, to bring us into Love. In line with our Mind and Body which, cures the Soul. This is the basis for Divinity.

The first four letters are H-E-A-R and then T = Hear•t

Heart it” because it speaks to us in any language or none. In the depths of the ocean or heights of the Sun… and beyond. The Heart is the only One; the Faithful One.

The last three letters are A-R-T
Art = Creation

Hear Creation” “Listen to Creation
Hear the creation for it is here in the Heart that, creation is formed.

“Here is Creation”

The middle part is E-A-R

My, what a big hEARt you have. The better to hear you with.

Caution: The He-ART is Love and Love will love anything and everything.


Strong-holds and buildings. (These two make quite a deadly couple…)

Households are generally created through the institution of marriage.


As in, Justly or Justified “A Just cause”
“Never say you’re “just” anything. You are all-ways something.

“I’m Justly, a homemaker.” 🙂


Again, not can be used in an action form as in “Knot” for Spell Casting
“This statement is, not right” (knot rite) or may not be true (May knot be true)

Proceed / pro•seed


per * sun, As per the Sun, As per the son


P for “people” or “person” or “personal”
Hone = hone in on something

P(eople) Hone – A honing object for people. A tracking device. “Phone”


Almost always capitalized because it represents the Head of Divinity and Spirituality. Yet, it is the center of us. Almost as if it lives in our Heart. Sound familiar? Love lives in our Heart, so to speak.

We Never “Fall” in Love

To “fall in love” reminds me of stories of the fallen angels. We do not fall in Love. We can give love, and we can receive love. If we fall in love, then we fall only back into our own Heart.

In love we are content, compassionate, gentle, and balanced in our lives. We can be in love every day, even without a “significant” other.


Matter is formed by particles moved by sound, into a tangible, solid mass.

Every thing matters, as a matter of fact.

This is one of the most commonly thrown around and idly used words, that holds so (sow) much material (matter-ial) value in our manifestations we create by using words.


  1. Re-Do it, again. Turning yourself back into your god.
  2. Re- The Egyptian God. Egypt – from where we came.
  3. Re-connection to Source (Energy or God).
  4. Re-Source yOurself. Resources are there for you like, health nuggets in a video game.
    To be disconnected from Source is like, running your cell phone media all day and night without charging it. Affecting the cells in yOur body.


To sow seeds in the field for later harvest of product.

Sew, a needle pulling thread.

So be it; Let it be so.

What (watt)

Watt – Current – Electricity – Creation

I use these two words inter-changeably because, it reminds us, each time we say, “What” … of what (watt) we are creating.

What are we speaking or thinking at the time we are saying these words or having these thoughts?
To catch each thought and dissect it, or analyze it and approve or disapprove it, before letting it manifest in yOur lives.
We all have many lives -It’s not for just cats 😉

Which – “Witch”


 Our Will, our command and Will Power. I will or will not.

When we use the word “not” as an action word, it’s pretty much just a word for an action we are not going to take. However, using the word “not” in a judgment sentence, is when we cannot create it. Does that make sense?


“I am not going there.” Is a willful action statement.

“I am not trying to spread rumors, but…” is a judgmental statement and therefore, we can remove the word “not” from the sentence which (witch) now becomes, “I am not trying to spread rumors, but…”

This keeps the person honest and the Universal Laws of creation working in complete and fully functional operation. Without flaw, and without error.