Membership Levels

Introducing NEW Membership Access to non-stop Intuitive Training Aids

IT – Intuitive Training

  • The inner workings of how we are naturally programmed.
  • How our Brain processes knowledge and passes it on to us.
  • Our inner IT Technical Keys to running a smoother life.

The same way we service, clean, update, and maintain our computers, we must do with our Mind. The same way a computer outputs information based on our input and inquiries, so our brain functions energetically with the Mind, to do the same.

Watt we put in, we get out.

When there’s too much scrambled input or static, the output information we receive can be nothing more than unacknowledged passing thoughts if they make it through the “DSL connection” to yOur conscience level of thinking.

The days of expensive courses and seminars are over.

Sure, we all need to make money to keep our websites and businesses going. That’s why we charge a small fee for our services and time. However, we do not achieve true advancement by raping the population for its hard-earned money, to learn something as natural to us as breathing.

Each membership level is designed to take you to the next.

With an extra month’s time on each level to practice or refresh new information before advancing to the next training step.

You never lose access to the previous levels, learning tools, newsletters, live chat support and/or training assistance. You just keep adding on and building your knowledge base and skills.

“Teach a man how to fish.”

These training levels are designed for advancement.

Each level is designed to give you ample learning time on each step, then move on to the next. With the hopes of continuing in your new skills on your own, within the next several months.

I like to call the training modules “levels” because it’s fun, like a video game to “Level UP!” after an achievement.

We can easily accomplish the awakening and awareness of our Intuitive communication skills and start a whole new way of living, thinking, and making decisions for ourselves, our families, and our careers.

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